Welcome UCLA Engineers!

MentorSEAS, Theta Tau and Mentor Matchmaker put together a Professional Mentorship Program for 30 UCLA Engineering Students. Each student will be matched with an experienced Mentor from a local company to help them find an internship/ job and grow their network.

Each Engineering Organization can elect two delegates to participate in the program. These participants will learn the Mentor Matchmaker Pedagogy for finding and building Mentor Relationships so they can train other students on how to find Mentors. Each Mentor/ Student pair meets once a month for three months. There will also be a training event during the program.


Admission into the program is priced at $250 per student. A program sponsor will subsidize $200 of the $250 fee. The student’s organization is required to subsidize the remaining $50 fee per student. Deadline to apply is April 1, 2015.

Register your organization by clicking the link below. You will be asked to input your information and to pay $50/ student with your credit card. If two students from your org are participating, then you will be asked to pay $100. Once you submit your organization, we will send you a follow up email on how to on-board your two student delegates. 


** This program will overlap into summer, students staying in Southern California will be able to meet with their Mentors over summer break.

** Each organization is responsible for selecting their own student delegates.