"How do I find the right mentor?

Trying to find a mentor can be so stressful - where do we find them? 

We know mentors are important, and they will take us to the next level in our career... but when we try to build the relationship, it leads to nowhere.

Brian Frankel Mentor Matchmaker

My name is Brian Frankel and I am the founder of Mentor Matchmaker. Over the years, I've noticed that you can have the best resume in the world - but if you don't have a mentor to support you, it doesn't matter.

After years of figuring our what separates the ROCKSTARS from everyone else, I finally cracked the code. Now, I want to show you how you can find a mentor, today, all by yourself (even if you've always been shy).


"Why am I too shy asking for mentorship?"


Today, I invite you to see the exact strategies, methods and tactics you can use to find your own mentor IMMEDIATELY. Here's just some of what I'll share with you:

  • How to ask a potential mentor for help, using probing questions the "naturals" have been using for years
  • A simple framework to ensure you'll find the perfect match
  • How to build rapport effortlessly (while overcoming challenges like shyness, hesitation, ambiguity and a busy schedule)
  • What snowboarding and horseback riding can teach you about mentor relationships
  • And much more....
Mentor Match Starter Kit
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Mentor Matchmaker: Tested by your peers

Before Mentor Matchmaker, I was kind of struggling to build a mentor relationship with this business executive I admired. I wasn't really sure that I was going about it the right way. I had a lot of questions and I had this hunch that I may have been missing something. What Mentor Matchmaker really helped me with was to give me a system like a blueprint that I could follow. I could follow these steps and have a mentor relationship at the end of it.

- Laila, Management Consultant in Des Moines, Iowa

“Mentor Matchmaker went WAY beyond what I expected. It taught me, not just insights into how to find/ build/maintain a mentor relationship, but on techniques, strategies, and principles that I should be applying to all of my endeavors.”

- Kayvon, Entrepreneur in Los Angeles, California


“This is GOLD! Using Mentor Matchmaker, I was able to use the right words, the positioning, the phrases, the language to find my mentor... And in just a matter of a month... I've built a mentor relationship with the right person who can get me up a big stepping stone."

- Mat, Strategy Director in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


"I want to be an expert in my field, can a mentor help me with that?"

Mentor Information Graph

YES. There are two ways to become an expert in your field. The first is to have 25+ years experience; which takes too long. Or you can download that same experience straight from your mentor. Zoom right up the knowledge curve in less time or money than the alternatives.


"What are the alternatives to a mentor?"

Mentor Benefits

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No B.S. If you are not happy with your purchase, and it is not helpful, then we will give you a full refund. 

Here is what you get with the Starter Kit:

  • Match Handbook to guide you to your dream mentor
  • Action Worksheet that will double the knowledge and value you get from your mentor
  • Videos that explain every step of the process

NOTE: 50% of our proceeds go to the Mentor Matchmaker Foundation - providing free services for survivors of sex-trafficking and inner-city kids.

Mentor Match Starter Kit
29.95 39.95
Get the starter kit today

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For a limited time only, this course will include the proprietary Mentor Matchmaker worksheet. You will use this to recruit mentors, structure your relationship and stay on track towards your career goals. 


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