We facilitate your mentor relationships in pursuit of your professional goals. Our responsibilities include preparing you for the relationship, finding potential Mentors, making matches, and overseeing the progress of the relationships. This program is $100/ month for participants, managed by Mentor Matchmaker, and subsidized by sponsorship funding. The relationships are goal-focused and the results of the program are quantifiable. All participants will have more passion and a stronger commitment to reaching there potential, and will continue to be of service to others. 

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Get Instruction from your mentor by filling out this form:

Step 1

Introduction - Fill out the form below. Then we will arrange a phone call with you and your Mentor Matchmaker to review the form and next steps. 

Step 2

Goal Setting - Define your goals in writing using a S.M.A.R.T. format:

  1. Specific - The more specific, the easier it is to help you.
  2. Measurable - So we can measure your success.
  3. Realistic/ Timely - Achievable within 3 months.

Step 3

Prospecting - Build a list of Mentors starting with a list of your 5 dream mentors and 5 people from your network. Sometimes we will ask the people in your network for a letter of recommendation.

Step 4

Outreach - Mentor Matchmaker recruits prospective Mentors.

Step 5

Match/ On-board - We have a specific on-boarding system for Mentors and Mentees. You will receive a customized guidebook once you get to this point in the process.

Step 6

Take Action - Work with your Mentor towards achieving your goals.


Submission From

Name *
If you are a student, please share your University and Major.
Please share something fun and interesting about you. There are no right or wrong answers here.
Define up to 3 Professional Goals following a SMART guideline. Specific - The more specific, the more help you will get from your Mentor. Measurable - So we can measure your success after 3 months. Realistic/ Timely - Achievable within 3 months.
List up to five dream Mentors related to your goals.
List up to five contacts from within your network that are related to your goals. We may call on them for introductions to help you find a Mentor and to hold you accountable for achieving your goals.