We build Mentor Programs within organizations to help new-hires, affinity groups, and high-potential employees. Our system follows a specific protocol that matches employees, and utilizes an objective Matchmaker to ensure there is no bias in the program. Please contact for additional information. 



“The Mentor Chain: Professional relationships for career growth” is an overview of how to find and get the most out of mentoring relationships. Entrepreneurs and leaders know why mentoring is important, but lack a systematic focus for choosing a good match. Learn specific methods for finding a professional mentor/ mentee, what to look for, problems to expect and questions to ask. The audience will also receive Mentor Matchmaker’s worksheet on how to build a relationship that achieves career goals.


About the Mentor Matchmaker

Brian Frankel speaks from a decade of experience with mentor relationships. His unique and proven process for building successful mentor programs is the foundation for Mentor Matchmaker. 

In the midst of full time international work, Brian teaches marketing and mentor workshops at UCLA and the California State Universities. His ability to execute is the same reason brands like TiE enlist his consulting services on mentor programs.



We are honored and excited to be featured in our local community Newspaper, The Acorn. The story gives us an inside look into the origins of the program and whats happening in the near future. 6 Minute Read, Click Here