Forge MentorChains

It’s in our DNA to seek and give advice. Mentor relationships help us identify new solutions to our challenges, give us a better understanding of what builds or erodes our career, and make us feel important.

Supportive relationships empower us and boost self-confidence, which lead to better communication, collaboration, and productivity. These individual improvements also lead to business improvements.

The Economics of MentorChains

Facilitating in-house mentor relationships can be a great enabler to achieve other business KPIs.

Organizational improvements in knowledge sharing lead to improvements in the customer experience, process efficiencies, innovations, commitment, loyalty, and advocacy – all of which can be measured, quantified, and improved.

Mentor relationships are nature’s force streaming through an organization, leading to financial benefits. It’s our program, Mentor Matchmaker, and it’s actionable.

Enlist our services

We build Mentor Programs within organizations to help new-hires, affinity groups, and high-potential employees. Our system follows a specific protocol that matches employees, and utilizes an objective Matchmaker to ensure there is no bias in the program. Please contact for additional information. 



“The Mentor Chain: Professional relationships for career growth” is an overview of how to find and get the most out of mentoring relationships. Entrepreneurs and leaders know why mentoring is important, but lack a systematic focus for choosing a good match. Learn specific methods for finding a professional mentor/ mentee, what to look for, problems to expect and questions to ask. The audience will also receive Mentor Matchmaker’s worksheet on how to build a relationship that achieves career goals.


About the Mentor Matchmaker

Brian Frankel is a multinational organizational development consultant. CEO’s and General Managers solicit his services to generate revenue, fundraise, tackle process challenges, realize their vision, and train their teams. Utilizing his extensive network, Frankel advises American, Emirati and Indian businesses on expanding into international markets. His global client roster includes Coca Cola, MySpace, Creative Artists Agency, Spin Media, Bahrain Development Bank, management consulting firms, family offices, and celebrities.

Brian Frankel’s experience also makes him a sought-after keynote speaker recently featured at SXSW, American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center, Dubai Business Women’s Council, MCN Morocco, TiE Dubai, NYU Abu Dhabi, UCLA, CSUN, and the US Embassy in Pakistan. He has been published in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and C-Suite Quarterly.

In 2012 Frankel founded Mentor Matchmaker, a two-pronged approach to connecting professionals. Corporations hire Frankel to build mentor programs in-house for productivity and profitability. The nonprofit sector of Mentor Matchmaker works with survivors of sex trafficking and inner-city youth, connecting them with career mentors and teaching workforce development skills.


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