Mentor Profile: Damon D'Amore

We are starting off our mentor profile series with the Los Angeles maven, Damon D'Amore. Damon is a serial entrepreneur with a fascinating background in wall street. He also produced Undercover Boss and the Apprentice. We are glad to have him on board and excited to connect him with a mentee. 

Damon DAmore Mentor

Full Bio:

Damon D’Amore has spent the last three years in two startup ventures he co-founded in the consumer product and web/mobile spaces. Both experiences were inspirations for the business model of WayFounder. With more than two decades experience in taking products from concept, through development, marketing and distribution, Damon has 15 years of experience producing high-profile, multi-million dollar marketing integrations in both television and online, Damon has worked closely with more than 250 of the most successful CEOs in the nation.

In traditional media, Damon produced a number of creative brand integrations for Fortune 500 companies on multiple seasons of the reality television shows Undercover Boss and The Apprentice with Donald Trump. In the online space he produced the gaming promotions for Shrek the Third. Damon held the position of Vice President of Production and Development for the independent film and television studio The Shooting Gallery where he worked on films such as You Can Count On Me and commercial campaigns for major brands such as Sony. Prior to his work in the entertainment and new media sectors, Damon spent five years on Wall Street where he brokered and traded a range of institutional products.

Expertise Damon can share with his mentee:

Fundraising, Entrepreneurship, PR, Production, Television Production, Marketing, Branding, Finance (Wall Street).

Ways a mentee can help Damon:

"Learn new things.  Being from a younger generation a mentee has a different perspective on the world around us and that is a benefit I look forward to."

Describe one thing you learned from a mentor:

"One of my current mentors is Bill Wilson. He taught me that 'When you are an entrepreneur, and you are a driven goal-focused person, you will have partners and people who will disappoint you. You can't be angry with those people, because their actions aren't out of malice. They are just being honest and showing you who they are as people. These moments are a gift because they allow you to move forward on your journey.'"

If you could travel back in time to any time period, who would you love to have as a mentor and why?

"One of two. Miles Davis, if i didn't have to do the heroin. And definitely Julius Caesar, even accepting his fate."